Visual Basic .NET Language Tutorial:

Visual Basic .NET Language Type conversion


  • CBool(expression)
  • CByte(expression)
  • CChar(expression)
  • CDate(expression)
  • CDbl(expression)
  • CDec(expression)
  • CInt(expression)
  • CLng(expression)
  • CObj(expression)
  • CSByte(expression)
  • CShort(expression)
  • CSng(expression)
  • CStr(expression)
  • CUInt(expression)
  • CULng(expression)
  • CUShort(expression)


Function nameRange for Expression argument
CBoolAny valid Char or String or numeric expression
CByte0 through 255 (unsigned); fractional parts are rounded.
CCharAny valid Char or String expression; only first character of a String is converted; value can be 0 through 65535 (unsigned).

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