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SQL is Structured Query Language used to manage data in a relational database system. Different vendors have improved upon the language and have variety of flavors for the language.

NB: This tag refers explicitly to the ISO/ANSI SQL standard; not to any specific implementation of that standard.

VersionShort NameStandardRelease Date
1986SQL-86ANSI X3.135-1986, ISO 9075:19871986-01-01
1989SQL-89ANSI X3.135-1989, ISO/IEC 9075:19891989-01-01
1992SQL-92ISO/IEC 9075:19921992-01-01
1999SQL:1999ISO/IEC 9075:19991999-12-16
2003SQL:2003ISO/IEC 9075:20032003-12-15
2006SQL:2006ISO/IEC 9075:20062006-06-01
2008SQL:2008ISO/IEC 9075:20082008-07-15
2011SQL:2011ISO/IEC 9075:20112011-12-15
2016SQL:2016ISO/IEC 9075:20162016-12-01

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