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Scala Language Regular Expressions


  • re.findAllIn(s: CharSequence): MatchIterator
  • re.findAllMatchIn(s: CharSequence): Iterator[Match]
  • re.findFirstIn(s: CharSequence): Option[String]
  • re.findFirstMatchIn(s: CharSequence): Option[Match]
  • re.findPrefixMatchIn(s: CharSequence): Option[Match]
  • re.findPrefixOf(s: CharSequence): Option[String]
  • re.replaceAllIn(s: CharSequence, replacer: Match => String): String
  • re.replaceAllIn(s: CharSequence, replacement: String): String
  • re.replaceFirstIn(s: CharSequence, replacement: String): String
  • re.replaceSomeIn(s: CharSequence, replacer: Match => Option[String]): String
  • re.split(s: CharSequence): Array[String]

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