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1- You do not need an Apple Developer Account to start developing iOS Apps. The documentation and tools are free to download with your Apple ID. You can also sign and install apps on your personal devices using that same Apple ID. If you want to distribute or sell apps on the App Store, you need to enroll the Apple Developer Program starting at 99 USD (This is the price at the time of writing and may change). This will also add code-level support incidents and beta testing for your apps via TestFlight.

2- Creating an Apple ID without a credit card requires a short process. If you don't mind associating a payment method as part of the sign up, go to

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  • xcode Apple's IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for developing iOS and macOS Apps
  • swift-language One of the main languages you can use to develop in iOS.
  • objective-c-language One of the main languages you can use to develop in iOS.
  • cocoa An Apple API for developing in iOS and macOS.
  • sprite-kit For 2D animated graphics.
  • core-data To store and retrieve relational data.
VersionRelease Date
iPhone OS 22008-07-11
iPhone OS 32009-06-17
iOS 42010-06-08
iOS 52011-10-12
iOS 62012-09-19
iOS 72013-09-18
iOS 82014-09-17
iOS 8.12014-10-20
iOS 8.22015-03-09
iOS 8.32015-04-08
iOS 8.42015-06-30
iOS 92015-09-16
iOS 9.12015-10-22
iOS 9.22015-12-08
iOS 9.32016-03-21
iOS 10.0.12016-09-13
iOS 10.12016-10-24
iOS 10.22016-12-12
iOS 10.2.12017-01-23
iOS 10.32017-03-27
iOS 10.3.32017-07-19

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