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C++ Copying vs Assignment


  • Copy Constructor
  • MyClass( const MyClass& other );
  • MyClass( MyClass& other );
  • MyClass( volatile const MyClass& other );
  • MyClass( volatile MyClass& other );
  • Assignment Constructor
  • MyClass& operator=( const MyClass& rhs );
  • MyClass& operator=( MyClass& rhs );
  • MyClass& operator=( MyClass rhs );
  • const MyClass& operator=( const MyClass& rhs );
  • const MyClass& operator=( MyClass& rhs );
  • const MyClass& operator=( MyClass rhs );
  • MyClass operator=( const MyClass& rhs );
  • MyClass operator=( MyClass& rhs );
  • MyClass operator=( MyClass rhs );


rhsRight Hand Side of the equality for both copy and assignment constructors. For example the assignment constructor : MyClass operator=( MyClass& rhs );


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